Key Stage 4

Year 10

Support is provided for Year 10 students in choosing their next steps. Assemblies are held and all students have access to one-to-one careers advice meetings with the school’s independent careers adviser, Mrs J Laslett.  Students should continue using Unifrog to research their career and subject options and also look at Pick a route | Informed Choices and CXK - CXK Careers Home - Page 1 - Created with In Term 5 students will begin to explore future opportunities and consider their applications for Post 16 routes as well as having access to the school’s careers section in the Learning Resource Library. 

Students usually have the opportunity to complete a Work Experience placement.

Curriculum areas continue to seek development links between a student’s studies and the world of work.

Year 11

Each year students receive advice and information from local colleges and Post 16 providers along with their one-to-one career’s advice meetings.  During these meetings each student will complete an action plan detailing their research, what they need to know, what they are considering for their Post 16 options.  This will include whether they need to make an application through  the platform or direct to colleges. The KentChoices website ( is an excellent wealth of information for students and parents. Students can also make use of the careers resources in the Learning Resource Centre. Another useful resource is CXK resources